Cisco Nexus 5672UP Switch Configuration


Command aliases

  • con(figure)
  • sh(ow) ru(nning-config) / int(erface) st(atus)
  • int(erface) e(th)1/1

Recover admin password on Cisco NX-OS

Source: Password Recovery Procedure for Cisco NX-OS

  1. Establish serial session with the switch

  2. Power cycle device by disconnecting/reconnecting power supplies

  3. Spam Ctrl+C and CTRL+L when the switch reaches this part of the boot sequence:

Executing Mod 1 2 SEEPROM Test....done
Mod 1 2 Post Completed Successfully
Mod 3 Post Completed Successfully
POST is completed
Checking all filesystems....r. done.

Ctrl+C Ctrl+] Ctrl+C Ctrl+L
  1. Reset admin password.
switch(boot)# configure terminal
switch(boot-config)# admin-password my_new_admin_password
WARNING! Remote Authentication for login through console has been
switch(boot-config)# exit
  1. Find the name of the system software image you wish to boot from
switch(boot)# dir
switch(boot)# dir bootflash
  1. Boot from your desired image
switch(boot)# load bootflash:nx-os.bin
  1. Test your new login details
switch login: admin
Password: my_new_admin_password
  1. Save your changes
switch# copy running-config startup-config

Clear configuration

You will need to use a serial connection on the switch's next boot to reconfigure it.

switch# write erase

To undo your changes, use:

switch# copy running-config startup-config

To apply your configuration erasure, reboot the switch.

switch# reboot

Next boot

On boot up, you will receive this prompts to reconfigure the switch:

Abort Power On Auto Provisioning and continue with normal setup ?(yes/no)[n]: yes
Disabling PoAP service, please wait ...

         ---- System Admin Account Setup ----

Do you want to enforce secure password standard (yes/no): yes

  Enter the password for "admin": 
  Confirm the password for "admin": 

         ---- Basic System Configuration Dialog ----

Would you like to enter the basic configuration dialog (yes/no): yes